Back from Heartculture Festival .. that is how i felt

.. welcome home ..

i am overwhelmed by this beautiful energy and the love that was around us. we created a stunning atmosphere for transformation, for healing, for opening up, for feeling free, for being pure.
i wanna thank us all for our devotion, for the time we captured, for the hours we spent working and last but not least - for living heartculture. we had the amazing chance to get nurtured, grounded, loved and soooo much more just by being peaceful and respectful with each other.

my intention for this festival was to confront myself with my inner man but also with all the male around me. thank you, everyone, who held me when i was weak, thank you, everyone, who shared things with me, thank you, everyone, flying with me and thank you, all the beautiful men, who gave me love and the feeling of security. i was able to move and wander around without any fear. i was able to dance, to laugh, to get connected to so many people because i was in a safe place. as a woman - to me this is one of the greatest gifts at all.

i wish to be surrounded by men in their power, who have the courage to bring up their feelings, their emotions, their deep desires. men who know their own beauty and spread their love. men who honor life itself and so step away from seperation. men who bring back together the devine femine and the devine masculine. men who know their fears and their pain and share it.

it was beautiful for me to see half/naked women and men dancing together and being in peace - thank you - that has really inspired me.

as i met my inner man i also came in contact with my pure inner female self. the wilde in me - the wilde that brings me directly into my full power, led by my intuition, grounded, full of love, ready to give up the last bits of fear and comparison. my raw and pure self that is always right where it is.

it is easy to heal when hearts are open and i could heal a lot.

i am also very happy and grateful that i was able to introduce the red tent to many of you. it is a nurturing place for all of us, no matter what kind of body we have. i was surprised about men´s interest in the red tent and i had beautiful conversations about everything. and yeah, we should be more interested in each others stories. should be more interested in that what seperates us and find solution

the red tent takes us back to mother earth, back to the days in our mothers wombs. its a cosy place to relax, to feel at home, even to get new born in a way.

my deep desire is to heal the wounds between the male and the female and i am happy to have found ways to be part of the change.

* i love you * see you now * <3 * peace *